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Stratos Diamantis was born in Athens Greece and from the age of 10 was already learning the piano. In his teenage years he started composing his own music and playing in concerts with local rock bands, simultaneously he took lessons in classical music from which he graduated with an A in harmony, counterpoint, fugue and orchestration.

His love for jazz music leads him to Marcos Alexiou, a Legendary Greek Jazz pianist and teacher, where he started jazz lessons.

At the age of 23 Stratos self produced and released a new age-experimental CD. This was his first contact with discography.

In 1997 he started making music for TV and Radio commercials, which he actually continues doing until today. Stratos has composed and arranged about 1500 jingles for a wide variety of brand names for the local as well as the international market. He’s one of the top composers for advertising music in Greece.

In 1999 he started composing and arranging songs for Greek artists.

From that day his name appears on more than 50 records as a composer, arranger, producer and session musician in many styles, varying from rock to pop,  jazz to new age.

Many of his collaborations with local artists (like Sakis Rouvas, Anna Vissi, Elena Paparizou, Pegi Zina, Kaiti Garbi and many more) went gold and platinum.

Having also made personal appearances at more than 100 concerts in Greece and in Europe.

In 2001 the famous Lebanese singer Dania Khatib, has sung in Arabic, one of  Stratos hits originally entitled "Antexa" and sung by Greek Star Sakis Rouvas.  The song in Arabic was released in the year 2001 in Dania’s 3rd CD, by the title "La tehtar".

In 2005 russian pop star Philip Kirkorov together with Sakis Rouvas, recorded and released a Russian-Greek version of Stratos's song "Se Thelo san trelos", "Kak Sumashedshij, Ya" in Russian. This song has reached the 8th position of the top 20 charts of Russia.

In 2006, he formed his first fusion group called “TECHNICAL INFO” and in 2008 they recorded their debut album titled “Danger”. It was a great honor for the Band to have guest appearances in “Danger” from world renowned drummer Dave Weckl (Chick Corea) and amazing bass player Tom Kennedy (Dave Weckl Band, Planet X).The CD was released in USA and Europe.

In 2010 he made a CD project, a Greek version of the famous Gummy Bear character. The CD went 96 times platinum selling over 1.150.000 units!

In 2011 composed his first soundtrack for George Pyrpasopoulos film "4EVER".

Recently he started composing pop, rock and r’n’b music, aiming the international market. He’s already working with world class producers and composers.

In 2012 he founded “Soundlab Music Productions”, a company specialized in producing and composing music for commercial spots, television and radio station IDs as well as for television series, games, film, theater plays and discography.